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Denise Rich, Cow artist or portrait artist?

by on 11/5/2012 10:43:14 AM

I've been painting cows and cattle since around 2004.  That is a long time with one subject isn't it?  So you can imagine how often I am asked, among other things, if I ever get tired of painting them.  

There is always something that says to me "this is a painting!".  It's either one or a combination of things like an emotional response, the eyes/expression/attitude, an interesting composition/grouping, and often it's the personality I see in an individual cow's face, in each case I look to put into my painting what it is I see that is special,  so you can see it too.


"Portrait of a Young Hereford"     14"x18"   

Available at the upcoming Mountain Oyster Club Invitational Juried Art Show

If you think about it, there is as much variety in what I do as there is for an artist that paints portraits of people.  Each human face is different in so many ways, just as each cow face is different, and bringing 'life' to the subject in either case is essential to a successful painting.

I have been told by many that I'm really a portrait artist, and I have to agree.  Will I ever get tired of painting cows?  Not in the forseeable future, as long as  I continue to find facinating faces and interesting group compositions that keep it fresh and challenging.

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